Frequently Asked Questions

Are the whirly birds being replaced?

If they are on the roof already they will be included in the roof quote.

What about getting roof insulation?     

You will automatically receive a quote for top quality insulation with your colour selection.

Are the gutters being replaced?    

Gutters are normally a separately installed item and not usually included. However if they are damaged by the same event then it will be in the description of work on your contract.

Can I change the sheet profile?    

Where it is applicable.

Can you give me a quote for some private work so it can be done at the same time as the roof?   

Yes we can give you a quote for extra work, i.e. gutter, shed roof, insulation blanket etc if not being replaced under insurance.

Can I change the colour?    

Normally yes, depending on local council guidelines and type of sheet metal and profile.

Will the ceiling get damaged if it rains with the roof off?

The roofers will generally not take off more of the old roof than they can cover quickly in case of bad weather, worst case is they may have to tarp up some of the area to prevent water entry.

ill they work in the rain?

If it is only very light on and off showers they may choose to work depending on how steep a roof is etc. If they were doing a shed roof for example that they may be able to take off 1 sheet and put one on to minimise water entry.

Can I keep the old roof?

The insurance company has provided the insured with a new roof so the old roof is the property of the insurance repairer, generally these type of jobs are quoted to include removal of all rubbish and old roof to scrap as payment towards clean up.

Will I need to be home?

No you really don’t need to be, all we need is access to the property and an outside power point or lead, also notification of guard dogs etc. It is often quite noisy inside the house when roof is being taken off or new one being put on so you may want to head out if the noise is a bit much.

How long do I have to wait till I get my roof done?  

We will send you an estimated start date with the contract details and scope of work along with colour choice brochure if applicable.

How long does it take?

Generally a normal house roof will only take a couple of days, there are other factors that may change this, size, pitch, type and of course if some flashings to complete works are needed to be ordered after starting to suit a particular type of situation. Weather can also be a factor.