About Us

The Roof Company are specialists at repairing storm & hail damaged roofs. The standard of our roof replacements is very high and we are proud of our completed work. After completion we send a supervisor to inspect our work and make sure it meets our strict criteria they will also take completed photos for records. We always comply with ASNZS standards, code of practise and current regulations and spend a lot of time making sure we are up to date with the requirements for specific types of work i.e. Asbestos roof containment, decontamination and new Colorbond roof replacement.

Storm & hail damaged roof repair, Asbestos roof replacement, Brisbane

We have been replacing  Metal, Asbestos and Patio rooves since 1996 and over this time have been developing and implementing the best installation methods for this and have a wealth of knowledge relating to the installation and longevity of a roof and reasons and causes for things to breakdown or not work etc, so you will be happy to know the work is going to be completed to a very high standard.

Product knowledge is a big benefit in this trade and our supervisors have excellent product knowledge to help with matching different products or profiles and The Roof Company has direct accounts with most suppliers to ensure we can either replace your roof or patio with the exact same type and profile or at least be able to provide a solution if the product is no longer available which may mean adding or removing different items to coincide with the roof repairs.

The Roof Company deal direct with Insurance providers and Builders to help get the best result in the repairs needed and work in with other trades if required to complete repairs that may be needed and are out of our scope of work.